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The Exhibition Research Laboratory-LJMU
27th August 2021

This exhibition produced in collaboration with Linda J. James features three of my new pieces: Geogamicas-Galvah (Short film), Angels, Angles, Anarchy (Modular, mixed media installation, performance space) and Vitriol Cuts (Large format print). This work builds on previous research into gynocentric, esoteric anatomy, phenomenology and altered states of conscious and explores intersections between this previous body of work and findings within feminist art practices and posthuman/new materialist terrain.

The video above demonstrates the successful integration of two of the exhibition pieces. The Geogamicas-Galvah  short film was projected through the Angels, Angles, Anarchy installation to demonstrate its functionality as a performance space. As the film footage unfolds and its imagery moves in a downward, vertical trajectory, the mirrored surfaces within the installation begin to flash with reflections which bounce between the upper and lower sections of the modular sculpture. Creating a dynamic creative, energetic matrix which functions as a space which unites transcendent and immanent aspects of being and enables the reconfiguration and regeneration of the divine feminine and an associated magical body. Providing a launching pad for innovative, transgressive, embodied magical systems and practices.

Vitriol Cuts : A digital collage created from photographic stills of samples of Spring Water and human body fluids evaporated in petri dishes. Materials: Matt heavy duty paper, Dimensions: 841 x 2284 mm.

This piece represents an outcome of the sacred technologies shown in the installation. During an alchemical experiment which lasted over two months, bodily fluids (tears, saliva, vaginal secretions and blood) were circulated, collected and mixed with spring water from St James's Garden in Liverpool. The water is said to contain vitriolic acid, an alchemical substance which is traditionally essential to the preparatory stages of the alchemical Magnum Opus or 'Great Work.' 

Geogamicas-Galvah : Short Film-Duration 7:43. Footage shot in the ERL, LJMU, Liverpool. Equipment: Canon M50 Camera.

This film captures ritual performances undertaken during my study an LJMU and was filmed/documented by fellow students (for which I offer many thanks). 


Angels, Angles, Anarchy 

Mixed-media, modular Installation/multimedia performance space.
Materials: Heavy duty acetate, photo collage on board, mirrored film.
Dimensions: 11 (42 x 42 x 21 cm) modular sculptures 
(Four pieces in upper section and seven pieces in lower section). 
The arrangement and content of the installation/performance space is site and concept specific. .

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